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Downrigger Mini-Troll

Downrigger Mini-Troll

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A horizontal reel/brake, 100' of 135-lb of stainless steel cable and a swivel-head depth counter come standard on this manual downrigger.

  • Horizontal Reel/Brake - For quick adjustments and control of your baits positioning.

  • Swivel-Head Dial Depth Counter - Know exactly where your weights are with the easy to read depth counter at the end of your boom.

  • 1:1 Retrieval Rate - Helps get your lines out of the water easily.

  • Composite Boom - 12"

  • Composite Spool - Comes pre-spooled with 100' of 135 lb of stainless steel cable.

  • Includes - Clamp Mount Base, line terminator, and manual crank handle.

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