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Diabolical Custom Tackle

Meat Rig Purple War Frog

Meat Rig Purple War Frog

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Diabolical Meat Rigs are manufactured in Northern Michigan, and feature tournament grade components. These meat rigs have proven to be the best on the market, and are responsible for numerous tournament wins on Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario. Diabolical meat rigs are comprised of premium components, including Rhys Davis bait heads, Diabolical Custom Tackle teaser flies, 50lb Seaguar STS fluorocarbon line, 1/0 Daiichi Deathtrap treble hooks, and stainless steel bead chain swivels. Diabolical Cut Bait Meat Rigs are constructed of tournament-grade components, and have been proven by anglers to be the best available on the market! Available in a wide array of colors, Diabolical Cut Bait Meat Rigs are sure to please even the most picky angler!

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