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Moonshine Lure Co.

Shiver Minnow IK Dominator

Shiver Minnow IK Dominator

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Moonshine Shiver Minnows are high-quality, UV lures designed to catch a variety of species. Shiver Minnow exhibits a realistic darting action when jigged vertically. The Shiver Minnow’s quality paint glows bright for extended periods of time. Great for open water or ice fishing. These fish-enticing vertical jigging lures provide a proven option when other techniques dry up. Very few fish can resist lures that hang level in the water column while swimming in circles when jigged! Shiver Minnows are taking the tournament world by storm with their attractive actions! These lures feature sharp belly hooks and single tail hooks for extra power. Ideal for fishing in any season, Moonshine Shiver Minnows are sure to be your new go-to lure!

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