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Slide Diver

Slide Diver Light Bite Orange #1

Slide Diver Light Bite Orange #1

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Taking divers to a whole new level the Slide Diver Lite Bite is a must have this season! Like the Standard model, the Lite Bite has a mechanism that allows it to be clamped down anywhere on the fishing line. What sets the Lite Bite apart is an extra "arm" that instantly pries the release mechanism open when a fish of any size hits. Properly adjusted, the Lite-Bite can handle everything from the smallest spoons and walleye spinner rigs to the largest flashers and cut herring set-ups. Even noted that anglers who troll for virtually any species, from crappie and walleye to salmon and striped bass will benefit from the new disk. Lite-Bite model works well in areas were small fish are common catches during trips out for larger species. With the Lite Bite the days of towing perch, small walleye and trout are over. Each package contains one diver, full rigging instructions, and rigging accessories including a spring, surgical tubing, a bead, and a barrel swivel.

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